Whoa, what happened?

It seems that my activity, on the module and SG’s forums dropped! Well I have a *semi* good reason for it!

I’m moving into a new house in a few days and, news to me, it takes a lot of time to pack and look for the new place! I should be into the new place by the 16th of this month, and fully unpacked a little bit later. It’s pretty exciting! This is my first place outside of my parents house >.>

And on top of that my computer went up in a ball of smoke… I lost not only me CPU fan, but the power supply as well! I don’t know what happened but I had a replacement CPU fan, but no extra power supply… So while I wait to get the part (but before that, the money for the part…) I have my brothers computer and my laptop I can work on. I can only really do graphical updates, but that’s perfect! I only need to finish the last bit of ships and I’m in 1.0!

So stay tuned! I should have something by next week!


Vassal Armada Ver. 0.9

This is a big release, having almost every core ship in the module! And some more changes.

Changes from 0.8.9b

  • Added 3 new ships! The “Aegis”, “Bane”, and “Gladius”!
  • Added separate firing arcs and channels, this should help with the issue currently with Macs. Thanks Ravager!
  • Added a “Aura” option to ships. It helps speed up shooting to a degree and differentiates squads more.
  • Added 2 maps back into the module. The may not fit 100% into the scale, but they look cool.
  • Added a 4inch bubble to the Fighters for interceptions.
  • Added a Cut Engine marker. I can’t believe I forgot to add this, haha!
  • Changed the label location on ships, easier to see and identify.


Edit: Accidentally names the “Gladius” wrong and the new templates weren’t transparent. Fixed it

Edit 2: Another mistake was found with movement, fixed it!


This is a big update, finishing off the Core ships and leaving only the Alliance and others. Which is only about 3 more ships, haha. In the next update I’ll have about 4 more maps, thanks to the wonderful people at CoreSec Engineering!

Also in the next update I’ll have the rest of the ships fully colored, I know it’s not all that pretty right now, but they will be! Trust me on this!

As always, have fun and I thank everyone how has helped me thus far. Stay tuned for 1.0!


One more thing, we just passed out 1000 visitors mark, I’m going to do something special for that. Stay tuned!

Recent Inactivity

I haven’t been around lately as a few of you may have noticed. That also include recent lack of updates and me being on the module itself.

I’m going through some really tough personal problems right now that have taken a toll, not only emotionally, but physically as well. It’s tough, but I’m working on it.

Enough of my personal crap, I’ve got some good info on what needs to be done next for the module. Just some counters and bug fixes, but we’re getting closer and closer to 1.0!

But I can’t get there without your guys help. Take a look at the ships that I need pictures an/or dimensions for, it’s only three, but they are the three main ones I need, haha!


Terran “Aegis” R&D Cruiser

The Relthoza “Bane” R&D Cruiser

The Dindrenzi “Glaidus” Gunship



Vassal Armada Ver 0.8.9b

I fixed a glitch with the arcs not turning with the ships. I had it fixed before but when I was cleaning stuff up, I accidentally the code. Anyway, here is the updated module! Also includes a few new things that I wont get into right now. Just ignore those 😛


-=- Updated link above and on Downloads page -=-

Thanks to Ravager and Phaedros for pointing it out!

As always, have fun! And stay tuuuned!


Vassal Armada Ver. 0.8.9a

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Got the hardest component done!

Changes from 0.8.8

  • Added 3 new ships! The three Civilian ships. Not the 5 I promised, but hey I got something better done.
  • Added the Space Station piece of terrain.
  • STAR Cards! After a few days of chipping away at the STAR Cards I finally got them done and working! Only thing is you actually need to own a deck to know what each card does, but that is due to me not wanting to release the rules if Spartan Games hasn’t themselves.
  • Changed a mistake with the Support ships. +5 points if you figured out what it was!
  • Removed the ‘Player 1’ and ‘Player 2’ windows. They just weren’t necessary…
  • Various other tweaks not worth mentioning.


-=- Updated link above and on Downloads page -=-

Next update will have the Marauders. Then just to finish coloring ships that need it and stand ins for the other Support ships.

Have fun! And as always, stay tuuuned!


I’m still looking for pictures of ships as pointed out here. Thanks! Not many left now :D!

Vassal Armada Ver 0.8.8

And right after I said updates would slow down, heh.

Changes from 0.8.7

  • Added 4 new ships!, RSN “Siren”, RSN “Phoenix”, Tarakian “Ganak”, Tarakian “Sulan”. I just got 5 more ships that will coming in the next update!
  • Added alternate colors for the Sorylians. Your welcome Ravager ;P
  • Added 60mm Bases and range bands to match. Damn you Ganak, Damn yooou!
  • Changed the internals for the ships. Cleared out some redundancies and might have fixed the Memory Leak errors for Mac(Although it’s pretty much a issue with Vassal at this point).
  • Changes the name in Vassal back to “Firestorm Armada” instead of having the version name at the end.


-=- Update link above and on Downloads page -=-

Next update should have the STAR Cards in it, depending on how well I can get it working. That and 5 more ships and the Station Graphic.

Have fun! And as always, stay tuuuned!


I’m still looking for pictures of ships as pointed out here. Thanks! Not many left now :D!

Slower updates? EGADS!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been updating every day. That’s a good thing actually!
I’ve got very little left to do. With just some ships needed art, stand-ins for every ship that doesn’t have art, various tweaks and the STAR Cards.

The STAR Cards are going to be the hardest to do by far. I need to basically make a card game inside of a space ship combat game. Fun.

So, stay tuned for this week, I might have the module ready to get out of Open Beta and into 1.0! Exciting stuff! I should have 8.9 out by tomorrow, it will have the latest ship releases from SG, the RSN Escort and Destroyer and the Ganak Battleship and Siren Cruiser ( I honestly never knew that this was a cruiser, haha!) And a Space Station model.


And as always, any help for the last few ships I need would be a great help! Thanks!